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The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Join Stephanie Zielinski in conversation with Theodore Moulos, CEO of GrowthRocks, about moving from digital marketing to growth marketing, to product led growth and no code marketing
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All about increasing your sales

Nurturing users (pushing them down your sales funnel) is a must for every company and it’s clearly a technical job. But a perfect mechanism is useless if you don’t have…
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Modeling your Growth 101

This is a presentation about growth modeling, growth recipes, growth planning, priorities, KPIs, OKRs, attribution, and other practical topics that will emphasize that you shouldn’t just implement marketing tactics but…
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Growing an eCommerce site

All the tips on how to bring and convert users in your eCommerce Site. (Narrative in Greek Language and Slides in the English Language)
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Growing an ecommerce site

Ecommerce sites need nowadays a very clear nurturing process for customers to convert. The time where customers converted by the first visit has passed.
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Growth Hacking: 13 Reasons Why

In marketing, it’s easier to create excuses than to bring results. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to take all the technical aspects that are stopping you from…
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From building products to building companies and go-to-market strategies. I’m an engineer at heart, dealing all my life with opening new markets and promoting new products.
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