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funnel leakages

You have a SaaS product. This is what to do before calling the growth hackers.

An articles I wrote for those founders who ask me to grow their web or mobile apps when those are not ready-to-grow yet.

How To Build Your Growth Plan

When one starts a business, she desires to grow it to its maximum. Growth has a different meaning, depending on the company’s goal.This is something that needs to be defined A$AP.

Growth Hacking is not the Devil

Around two (2) years ago, I actively entered the era of Growth Hacking, which is nothing more that the evolution of Digital Marketing. Actually, the formula is pretty straight forward >>>

How content creation fits my busy schedule

Well, I keep writing every day (or almost every day) and people keep asking me about how that is possible given the tight plan of my working days (~20 hours of intensive and thoughtful work per day) >>>

Crafting a Syllabus for a growth hacking academy

Recently, I’ve been asked to compose a syllabus for a soon-to-be-announced Growth Hacking course that will take place in many exotic countries. >>>

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From building products to building companies and go-to-market strategies. I’m an engineer at heart, dealing all my life with opening new markets and promoting new products.
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