In marketing it’s easier to create excuses than to bring results. The only way to overcome this obstacle, is to take all the technical aspects that are stopping you from building a growth machine for your organization in your heads.

Nowadays, in marketing, there are so many use cases and applications that are common enough to think they should be in the playbooks of all modern marketers.

Well, that’s far from the truth. For most of them, it’s just not possible. Why? Because they lack the technical capacity and mindset needed to deal with those kinds of tasks. Scrum, architecture, networks, APIs, Scripting, Integration, Version Control are just few of the terms borrowed by engineers that are now being applied in marketing. Those dealing with them are known in the market as “Growth Hackers”. It seems to be the profession of the next century, and these guys (and gals) are just extrovert engineers

From building products to building companies and go-to-market strategies. I’m an engineer at heart, dealing all my life with opening new markets and promoting new products.
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