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Theodore Moulos Interview

Theodore Moulos has always been interested in programming, entrepreneurship, and building technological products. His career started back in 1996, and since then, he has been involved non-stop in several top [...]
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How to become Growth Hacker

Learning from the best. That’s why we interviewed Theodore Moulos, the international host of the sixth edition of the part time Master in Growth Hacking Marketing.
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Live your life with Passion

ScaleUp Magazine had a wonderful time talking to Theo who is the CEO of GrowthRocks. Here is the detailed conversation that our team had with him….
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Growth Hacking and e-commerce

In this interview we analyse, the Rhythm of Growth in Growth Hacking, my Perspective on Customer Retention and the The Difference Between Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking. Last but not [...]
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Key learnings on Growth Hacking Academy

In this interview to Lucas, Editor-in-Chief of CourseMagnet Blog we share knowledge about the latest developments in the industry of Training and we talk about some of our key learnings.
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Come diventare growth hacker

Come si fa a diventare Gorwth Hacker? E’ una questione di percorso formativo, di capacità tecniche o di mindset? Come mai molti digital marketer si sono trasformati in Growth Hacker [...]
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Growing an ecommerce site

Ecommerce sites need nowadays a very clear nurturing process for customers to convert. The time where customers converted by the first visit has passed.
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Growth Hacking: 13 Reasons Why

In marketing, it’s easier to create excuses than to bring results. The only way to overcome this obstacle is to take all the technical aspects that are stopping you from [...]
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The Role of Growth Hacker

A role you never imagined before. Moving From Services to ProductsFrom specialized services like: to the new role of building innovative Marktech products where you can:
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From building products to building companies and go-to-market strategies. I’m an engineer at heart, dealing all my life with opening new markets and promoting new products.
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