4 growth strategies to make the difference

Theo Moulos with his co-founder and CEO of GrowthGirls are presenting on stage, 4 growth strategies that could become your digital unfair advantage. a) How to build a Micromonopoly for a blue-ocean strategy b) How to move from MVP to PMFit and to $$$ c) Make your product to drive virality via product-Led and d) […]

The Evolution of Digital Marketing

Join Stephanie Zielinski in conversation with Theodore Moulos, CEO of GrowthRocks, about moving from digital marketing to growth marketing, to product-led growth and no code marketing

Building a new product – All you need to know


(Greek Narrative but Slides in English)Founder, C-level professional or Marketer? If you have ideas for a site project then this presentation is for you. You will learn about the stages your new digital product will pass and what are the ingredients that you will have to include to collect feedback, traction and increase retention